quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

Running Up That Hill

Dias atrás...
BH - Dougie - My Room

Dear diary,

I'm really confused because I'm livin' in a fire line where there's no survivor.
I can see that I passed for this before. I remember like if was yesterday.
A broken home. Tears, sadness, pain, darkness. And I alone in my room trying to kill me to not see that anymore. The history is repeting now. But I feel stronger than I was in passed. I won't falling down this time, I recuso myself to fall in cry. So many problems to live and so many questions to answer. But I'll fight and I'll win this time. Not that I need runaway to another city and change all my life and my future. Well, that it for today, in english. I need to learn more four languages for my test in six years.

I need pacience! 

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